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LOI Infrastructure Experience


LOI has been involved in all phases of construction for all the surrounding school districts, from new construction to facility improvements.

We have provided environmental and geotechnical engineering services and construction quality control testing.


LOI has vast experience in providing environmental, geotechnical, and construction materials testing for a variety of health facilities. Some of these facilities are listed as follows: UMC, Urgent Care, Child Crisis Center, New Johnsen Animal Hospital, La Clinica, and Various Medical Complex facilities to name a few.


We have been a part of various warehouse site developments from site assessments to the completion of the warehouse construction.

Our extensive experience includes warehouse facilities to dealerships like the SDI in Cd. Juarez, Mexico to Poe Toyota in El Paso, Texas.


LOI has participated in residential projects like HACEP Harry S. Truman Memorial Complex, Montecillo Subdivisions, Cumbre Estates, Sereno Valley Estates, River Run Heritage Farms to name a few. We also provided our services for commercial developments, like Starbucks, Fred Loya Claim Center on Pelicano Dr., Eastlake Market Place, Panda Self Storage, Top Golf, I-Fly.

Our Core Business. January 2012 is the date when LOI ENGINEERS commenced to provide construction observation, quality control materials testing and engineering, exploration services, and environmental consulting services as a stand-alone firm (TBPE F-14023), under the leadership of Bernardino (Berna) Olague, P.E. (Texas P.E. No. 81628).

Our Commitment: High Quality

Services Definitions


Design Field

We provide professional engineering services, specializing in the field of geotechnical engineering. Some of the studies that we perform include:

• Foundation Studies
• Slope Stability
• Earth Retention System Design
• Roadway System Design
• Pavement System Design
• Soil Stabilization and Remediation
• Water Distribution & Wastewater Treatment Facilities
• Airfield Pavement Design
• Forensics Studies
• Roadway & Bridge Foundation Design
• Foundation Failure Analysis


Construction Field

We provide construction observation, construction quality control services, construction materials testing, and construction inspection services. These include:

• Earthwork Monitoring and Soil Compaction Testing
• Concrete Mix Design and Production Monitoring
• Physical and Mechanical Testing of Freshly Mixed and Hardened Concrete
• Pavement Management Programs
• Structural Steel and Welding Tests
• Precast Concrete Inspection
• Non-destructive Testing Programs
• Special Construction Inspection


Lab Testing

We have field and laboratory technicians that have received training in concrete, asphalt and soils testing. We also provide concrete and asphalt coring, as well as floor flatness/levelness, and pavement straight-edge verification. Some of the tests that we regularly perform include the following:

• Atterberg limits
• Grain size distribution
• Organic matter content
• Natural moisture content
• Moisture-density relationship determination
• California Bearing Ratio (CBR)
• Unit weight
• Unconfined strength of fine grained soils
• Swell and shrinkage tests
• Permeability of fine grained soils
• Concrete, mortar and grout compressive strength
• Concrete flexural strength
• Hot-mix asphalt concrete (HMAC) Marshall Flow and Stability
• Oil content determination in HMAC
• Mix designs


U.S. Army Validation

LOI ENGINEERS successfully assembled the necessary technical acumen, documentation, manuals, calibrations, personnel training, and other elements necessary to receive its validation from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for concrete, asphalt and soils testing. This validation is due for renewal in 2020.

We own and operate a CME-75 truck mounted drilling rig, which enables us to meet even the most aggressive timelines. Our 4,400-sqaure foot USACE-validated testing facility has easy access to IH-10 and US Highway 54.